INVO® LED is authentic Korean based LED lights manufacturing company specialized in high performance LED modules and other lighting related products.

1 led 모듈

Power: 0.5w | Lumen: 60
IP: 68 | LED Chip: SMD 2835

2 LED Module

Power: 1w | Lumen: 120
IP: 68 | LED Chip: SMD 2835

3 LED Module

Power: 1.5w | Lumen: 180
IP: 68 | LED Chip: SMD 2835

4 LED Module

Power: 2w | Lumen: 240
IP: 68 | LED Chip: SMD 2835

LED Characteristic

14-18 Awg Copper Wire Strands
Thick PVC Coating

Thick Wires

Thick Awg standard wires keeping constant voltage

LED by Samsung

Samsung LED

Our LED Chips are originally provided by Samsung using Korean semiconductor technology.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding for high performance and weather resistant

IP68 Protection

Completely protected from dust and water immersion.


Soldering components, wires and led chips for longer lifespan, No screwed connections